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     HEYYYY it's been a while since i wrote something on here. Sorry for the ads that we put on some of the layout pages. We weren't covering costs so this is what we need to do to keep giving you all layouts. Just fill out the surveys and once you have finished them then you will be allowed to see the codes for your layout. It kinda bugs but hey, if I cant afford to keep the site up and running then there is no point right? Sorry about it guys.

     Also, we are starting a TOP REFERRER contest. NO there arn't any prizes YET, but in the future you will be able to win cash. Sign up now and send us hits so when it counts you can know how to do it the right way. Another thing is if you want to do this contest you can submit layouts to our collection and in return we will put your referal code into all layouts you make. Anyone who uses a layout you made will have your referal link on their profile. MORE CLICKS FOR YOU!!
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